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Hikaru Cheeb [Collab Trade] by Voice-Like-Crimson
Made by Voice-Like-Crimson


.: Pagedoll Commission :. NIKKI by MadDuckie76105 made by MadDuckie76105




  • Please have payment ready!

  • Please be patient. I have a life and I live in america (for people who live in different countries and time zone shit)

  • Pay me first! This applies to the "have payment ready first" rule
  • Humans

  • Couples (homosexual and straight)

  • artistic nude (preferable women because I can't draw dick...yet)

  • Comedy related things including comedic censorship

  • Kemonomimi's (human's with animal ears and animal tails)


  • Animals (ponies included. I'm sorry but I'm not very experienced with drawing animals)

  • Sonic OCs (I can't draw them at all HOWEVER if you really want me to draw a sonic OC I will only draw it HUMANIZED)

  • Anthro (or furries)


  • Girls with overly gigantic breasts (keep it natural plz)

  • fetishes! never ever, nope! Nuh-uh!

  • Mecha related things

  • Characters with over complicated designs

I won't charge for backgrounds ATM. If you want a background it may be a bit simplistic unless you specify a certain type of background

FOR SHADING(cell shading only) IT'S +3:points:

Chibi: 10:points:
cheeb Meiga by Key-of-Shadows
Hoi! by Key-of-Shadows

New Bouncy Chibi 15:points:
Speech bubble is optional and I wont charge for that
Nikki bounce pixel by Key-of-Shadows
Ayumi bab by Key-of-Shadows
Head-shots: 15:points:
Ex: Twins by Key-of-Shadows
Respect The Princess by Key-of-Shadows

BUSTS: 20:points:

B-baka! by Key-of-Shadows

Half body: 25:points:
I got your back by Key-of-Shadows
New Look by Key-of-Shadows
full body: 30:points:
Yosafire by Key-of-Shadows
15 year old Irena ref by Key-of-Shadows
Why must there be giant zombies doing the dab while wearing a big ass pink afro?

(I know many of my watchers may not know what the fuck I'm talking about. But I know a certain someone that will. That means you Leo)
    RRRAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW! My phone blared its alarm right next to me. I practically flinched awake as I moved my hand around to find it just so I could turn the damn thing off. I picked up my phone. 5:30 AM. Yes 5:30 in the morning. My bus doesn't really run till about 7:15 but there is a good reason why I get up at this time. I yawned and tapped the sleep button. I wanted to go back to sleep but other than have Andy Biersack's scream ringing in my ears, I had a really bad habit of sleeping longer than I should when I had a bus to catch. I sat up and stretched my arms out. Bones in my shoulders popped. Felt good. I got out of bed and stretched out my entire body. I could see my face from the mirror set up on my dresser. My white hair was all over the place and it had looked like I was struck by lightning. I'll take care of it later. Right now I need clothes. I was standing in the middle of my room wearing nothing but boxers. My laptop desk that was nearby my bed and next to my window had my clothes laid out from the night before. Black skinny jeans, my black and white striped tank-top and a short sleeved jacket that I recently bought. I slid my clothes on and looked once again in the mirror. With a closer look, I could see how dark my eyes had gotten. This is because I have a lot of trouble sleeping. Insomnia. I took my comb and teased my hair to keep it down. I had no use for a flat iron or hairspray for that matter. I'll probably have to get a little makeup to cover those dark circles. Great. I checked my phone. 5:50 AM. "Time to go." I sighed. I grabbed my gauges and put them in. I had a large book bag that I used as an over the shoulder backpack, then quietly left my room. I snuck downstairs. Mom didn't seem like she was awake at the time. That's good. One less morning of her bitching about random shit. I yawned once again and walked grabbed the house key from off the kitchen table and went straight out the door.
   The sunlight hit my eyes. I was temporarily blinded by the piercing orange light that was slowly rising up. Oddly enough, it gets pretty bright in the mornings here in Iowa. As I walked down my driveway everything seemed the same. A quiet little neighborhood with only a few cars that would pass by. I walked down the street until I reached another house. I opened the small fenced gate and walked to the door. I looked down at the porch then looked around to see if anyone was watching. Next to the door was a small potted plant. I reached in and moved some of the loose soil and found a key. It was the key to the house. I used the key to unlock the door and walked right into the house. "You're here a little early!" Called a girl's voice. "Where are you Ruby? I asked. "Something stinks in here." I added. "In the kitchen." Ruby called. I walked into the kitchen to see my best friend, Ruby, standing at the stove making bacon and pancakes. The reason I would always get up early is to go to Ruby's house. Things get hectic at my house on most mornings. I always come here because things are calm. That and Ruby uses me as a test subject when it comes to her making new foods. I'm always the one who has to be the taste tester. "Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes! Take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake!" She sang in a cutesy voice. "Why did I show you Adventure Time?" I asked leaning against the fridge. "Because you love me." Ruby replied. "Yeah yeah. But do you love me?" I asked jokingly. "I love you enough to make you my famous omelet." Ruby replied pointing over to her microwave. "Yep, I officially love you." I smiled walking over to the microwave. Inside was that golden pouch of goodness sitting there on a plate for me. It was steaming meaning it was still fresh. I grabbed it and pulled open a drawer below me to get a fork. I walked back over to the fridge. When Ruby and I tell each other "I love you." it was more in like a sibling type of way. Ruby has been my friend since middle school. We weren't lovers. Besides Ruby wasn't really looking for anyone at the moment. I chowed down at my omelet and just as I was about to stab it with my fork for another bite, Ruby put a pancake right over it and topped it with some bacon that just came off the stove. "Why would you do that?" I asked with a smirk. "Because you can't just fill up on one of my famous omelets. You need fiber and protein and whatever." She snorted. She turned her head and her ponytail slapped me right in the face. That was a sign that she wanted me to move. I stepped over to the left. Ruby opened the fridge door and pulled out a pitcher of sweet tea. She poured us both a cup of the tea. "Thanks." I told her. "So your parents left early again did they?" I asked. Ruby's parents are considered friends of mine as well as Ruby. Her dad is a restaurant chef and her mom is a nurse. "Yep." Ruby simply replied. "Well more for us then." I smiled. Ruby laughed.
   After we ate, we decided to kill some time by playing some video games. Around 7:00 AM, we left the house. I placed the key back where we got it and walked farther down the street to our bus stop. When we got there we saw something new. Well, it was someone  new. A boy who was a bit shorter than me stood right there at the stop. This was very unusual because only me and Ruby would occupy that stop. "Who the fuck is that?" Ruby asked. "Don't know." I shrugged. I didn't really care. The boy turned his head towards us. His blonde hair bounced and his blue eyes pierced straight through me. A shiver traveled up my spine. "Oh um h-hi!" The boy smiled. He looked nervous about something. "Yo." Ruby replied. "Are you waiting for the bus too?" he asked. "Yeah?" I replied in a questioningly way as we approached him. "I've never seen you before. Nor have I seen you ride our bus." said Ruby narrowing her amber eyes at him. "Oh that's because I just moved here and I'm going to attend Westview High school." he replied. "So you're going to be a new student there?" I asked. "That's right." he nodded. He then started to stare at me. "What are you looking at?" I asked kinda creeped out. "Oh sorry! I just noticed that your eyes are two different colors!" He replied. "Yeah I have heterochromia. However, the colors are due to an extremely rare genetic mutation." I told him. "What about your hair? Is that a genetic mutation? Are you albino?" he asked. "No this is just the result of my hair being bleached." I replied. I may have had pale skin, but I was not an albino. "Anyways my name is Tate! Tate King!" He smiled. "Ruby Hart." said Ruby in a simple tone. "I like that name." Tate smiled. He then looked at me. "And you?" he asked with a cute smile. My eyes widened a bit and my cheeks turned pink. "Hayden. Hayden Shaw." I replied feebly. "It's really nice to meet you, Hayden." Tate smiled.
   We spent the next fifteen minutes with awkward small talk when the bus finally came. We all got on and went to the very back. At the back of the bus was a seat for two people and a seat for one person. Ruby took the one person seat for herself. "Can I sit with you, Hayden?" Tate asked. "Sure, take the window side." I replied. I let Tate sit down then sat next to him. The bus soon started to move. "Hayden! I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" Ruby exclaimed as she pulled out her 3DS. "You're on bitch." I smirked as I pulled mine out. Tate could only watch us as we started the battle between our virtual pocket monsters. This was the only way that we could ignore everyone else on the bus.
   When we arrived on campus, the battle was a draw. I put my 3DS back in my bag and Tate and I stood up. As we did in unison, I felt something...warm on my hand. Tate and I looked at each other then looked down. We could see that our hands somehow came together. We quickly pulled them away from each other then looked away while blushing. "Sorry!" Tate cried out in a flustered manner. Ruby giggled at us. This day may be eventful.
    My dad was a good man. He was a family man. He loved us. We never thought that anything could go wrong. Dad would always tell us that we would always be protected by the lord above. We would always be protected huh? Is that why he ended up getting murdered so many years ago when I was really young? Guess not. After that everything in my life just completely spiraled down. My mom resorted to alcohol to try to drown her sorrow in losing a husband. Family members would drift away. As for me, I'd always be caught in the middle of everything. I had completely lost faith in what dad would tell me. If "God" would protect us, then why did dad have to die? Why did my mom have to resort to alcohol? Why did I have to be impacted the most by it? Because to me, it was a lie. Everything was a lie.
   It's been almost ten years since my dad was killed. Ten long years. Fuck time flies. I wish that time would go faster when I want it to. Well, it can't be helped. Honestly, I never thought that anything would change. Nothing really did during these ten years, but something did change. It all started when I met him. When I met the boy who was an angel to me.
My Angel-Prologue
Many people believe in angels, but many may believe that a human can be as much as an angel themselves.


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United States
First thing's first, I'd rather you not advertise your gallery if I fave something of yours.

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I now have so note me if you wanna chat there or something:

long time squad
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Hello Everyone! My name is Nikki and here is my page!

My real name is Nicole but most just called me Nikki since it has a better ring to it!

I am 18 years old and a recent high school graduate.

I currently have no plans for college due to severe anxiety and panic disorder.

It's been almost 4 years since I've been on DA and I've drawn non stop. You can look at the very first deviations and compare them to now. You may think: "She couldn't have drawn like this 4 years ago!"

I tend to be a pretty social person

but be warned, I can be horrible at the same time.

Feel free to ask questions about me or my art

'Kingdom Hearts' Fan stamp by DAXRULZ Female-Artist stamp 2 by ChaoticxBarbie Stamp: Wacom user by sionra Traditional User STAMP by Drayuu Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic Identity Stamps - Bisexual Heteroromantic by boopnugget Bisexual Stamp by sunbirds Awkward by Fyi-Sus Stamp: is not a virgin by Riza-Izumi ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Practice Stamp by Zombie-Faerie Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2 STAMP: J-Rock by Esjitu EasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKid Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Identity Stamps - ADHD by boopnugget STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz

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