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.::PC for Key-of-Shadows by xCheckered-Stars
Made by xCheckered-Stars


Are boys getting hornier the younger they get? Because after what just happened, I think that's the case.
old pic of me and Kolten by Key-of-ShadowsMy friend found and old picture of us
KKH-Rika Kinjo

Rika Kinjo


Shy/cold and tries her best to distance herself by acting tough but fails miserably



Sexual Orientation:
Homosexual/homo romantic

Still Single?

Skin Tone:

Body Type:
thin yet slightly curvy in some places

Prominent Feature:
Heterochromia (the eye that's covered by her hair is blue)

Tattoos and Markings:
Small Triforce on her calf
"One Sky One Destiny" on the back of her shoulder

Backstory/History of Character:

Rika didn't start out living in a happy home. Rika's parents barely made an attempt to care for her when she was young, and would dump those responsibilities apon her older brother. Despite not being properly taken care of by her own parents, they were very strict and would punish the siblings for the smallest and dumbest of things. This cause Rika's brother to build a shell around him to the point where he seemed emotionally stiff. As for Rika, her confidence in herself dropped.
In middle school she started to gain a bit of weight. She didn't mind this until she started to get bullied about it, but not by her classmates, but by her own mother who convinced her that all girls are "pretty" if they had stick thin bodies. This caused Rika to slowly develop anorexia. Rika soon after developed some health problems caused by malnutrition from her anorexia. This went on for an entire year until someone managed to put a stop to it.

Rika had a friend who she was very close with. This friend being another girl that lived close by and would allow Rika to stay over from time to time. She had noticed Rika's health declining and did whatever she could to help. The progress was slow, but it paid off. Rika began eating again and was at a healthy weight.

2 years later was Rika's last year in middle school. Things were the same with her family. That was until her brother managed to move out of the house soon after starting college. The friend who helped Rika fight anorexia soon also moved away. To Rika, it just made things worse since she would have no one to turn to whenever something would happen. Things finally changed after something happened. Rika was walking home with another friend when suddenly, that friend kissed her on the lips. Rika was surprised at this but accepted it. She even kissed back passionately. When they stopped, Rika asked why she did it. "I...I think I have a crush on another girl, but I wasn't sure if I had the guts to kiss someone of the same sex, so I tried it out with you...hope you don't mind." the friend replied bashfully. Rika smiled and grabbed her hands. "Then how did it feel when you kissed me?" she asked. "Amazing." the friend replied. "Then go confess your love to her. Be confident about it too!" Rika said with an encouraging tone. Sadly, Rika's father ended up seeing the whole thing and was furious. He started to scream and swear at the girls and attempted to chase the two. Rika managed to get the girl to escape but she had to pay the full price. Rika was hit multiple times. She took the pain as she cried.

After the week passed, her brother decided to drop by and pay his family a visit. He announced that he was going to take Rika and have her live with him since he was old enough to be a legal guardian to a minor. Rika's parents gladly gave the rights over to him and Rika quickly moved out of that house.

To this very day, after 2 years Rika had lived with her older brother while he attends college, and works a part time job to pay for his tuition and rent and she lives a better and healthier life.

Why they came to this school:
Rika took the Kyohaku Kannen entrence exam by chance and managed to pass and get in and has been attending for a while

Her brother
Warm summer nights
long hot baths
video games
anime (she's somewhat of an Otaku)

Her parents
Those who don't accept her sexuality
various horror related things
the sight of blood
tight spaces (claustrophobic)

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First thing's first, I'd rather you not advertise your gallery if I fave something of yours.

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Hello Everyone! My name is Nikki and here is my page!

My real name is Nicole but most just called me Nikki since it has a better ring to it!

I am 18 years old and a recent high school graduate.

I currently have no plans for college due to severe anxiety and panic disorder.

It's been almost 4 years since I've been on DA and I've drawn non stop.

I tend to be a pretty social person

but be warned, I can be horrible at the same time.

Feel free to ask questions about me or my art

Agnostic Stamp by Tiny-Forest-Prince 'Kingdom Hearts' Fan stamp by DAXRULZ Stamp 003: Hella Bi! by LoulabeIIe Female-Artist stamp 2 by ChaoticxBarbie Stamp: Wacom user by sionra my sexuality wasn't made to impress you by stamping-hammies Traditional User STAMP by Drayuu Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic Identity Stamps - Bisexual Heteroromantic by boopnugget Bisexual Stamp by sunbirds Awkward by Fyi-Sus Stamp: is not a virgin by Riza-Izumi ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Practice Stamp by Zombie-Faerie Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2 STAMP: J-Rock by Esjitu EasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKid Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Identity Stamps - ADHD by boopnugget STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz


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